Focus expert teams on shared objectives

Formal clinical terminology is at the confluence of medicine and technology. SNOMED is the result of a multi-disciplinary effort by diverse experts. With over a decade working with clinical experts, terminologists and logicians, Robert has experience bringing them together to forge solutions that could not have been delivered by one group alone.

What Robert can do for you

  • Advise and execute on shaping and focusing on the objectives of an initiative or project.

  • Advise and execute on the formation of project groups involving experts with relevant skills and knowledge.

  • Work with key contributors to ensure that all perspectives are folded into the program.

  • Establish and configure collaboration tools to capture project plans, meeting agendas, and other relevant documentation.

  • Facilitate meetings, coordinate project management, minute taking and reporting to steering groups and other stakeholders.

  • Lead/drive the initiative to keep it on track and deliver results on time and budget.


  • Since 2013, at IHTSDO, facilitated Standing Committee meetings, and later formed and chaired two Advisory Groups, comprised of highly skilled experts from SNOMED National Release Centers (NRCs), industry, and research institutions to gather expert input on technical and clinical ontological topics to prepare SNOMED for its role in evolving medical record software and analytics use cases.

  • In late 2016, kick-started a stalled international pharmaceutical concept model project, forming an expert project group of industry, healthcare delivery, NRC staff and terminologists, focusing the group on delivering a working concept model in the short term. With the expert group, agreed a process for achieving the desired objective. Obtained buy-in for this from the broader stakeholder group, keeping them informed with periodic updates.

  • Between 2005 and 2013, in collaboration with clinical specialists, informatics teams, healthcare delivery agencies, and health IT standards and technology experts, worked to continuously improve SNOMED CT and derived products, contributing to content projects including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and alignment projects e.g. SNOMED/LOINC and SNOMED/ICD-11.