Bridging clinical and technical teams


Clinical and technical teams do different work, have different ways of looking at the same things, and speak different languages. With over a decade bridging the clinical/technical divide to deliver working software and quality assured terminology products, Robert is the man to fill critical facilitator, product owner and business analyst roles.

What Robert can do for you

  • Listen to clinical users’ needs, and work with you to define the product - software or terminology - to get your work done.

  • Translate users stories to features/tickets, actionable by the engineering team. Manage a repository/backlog of tickets using software engineering tools, e.g. Jira.

  • As part of the Scrum team, represent key users to maintain a prioritized backlog requirements.

  • Clarify detailed requirements for the engineering team, perform first line testing of critical features, participate in Sprint reviews, give feedback on product demonstrations, and in conjunction with clinical owners, sign off on products headed for live use.


  • Over a decade of terminology experience, working in collaboration with clinical terminology experts. Led multiple technical teams, delivering 22 releases of SNOMED CT.

  • Between 2005 and 2017, designed business and technical processes based on leading practices and standards established to manage the most widely adopted terminologies and classifications in the world.

  • Led, facilitated or coordinated medical informatics, engineering and multi-disciplinary initiatives; adopted Agile roles (Project Manager, Business Analyst, Scrum Master, Product Owner); developed first-hand experience of the health terminology ecosystem and deep knowledge of SNOMED CT.