Let me introduce myself

Please allow me to introduce myself.

I am Robert Turnbull, and I help informatics teams make the most of SNOMED.

Some of you know me already. For over a decade I have worked at IHTSDO and at CAP to manage terminology production and QA operations, building teams and technology platforms, while delivering 22 releases of SNOMED CT.

But the time has come to change the way I contribute to SNOMED CT as the “global language of healthcare”.

In future, I will be acting as an independent consultant. In doing so, I will build on my role as a mentor and coach, on my background as a software engineer, and on 10 years of consistent, quiet, contribution to SNOMED CT’s success.

I will continue to help build teams of smart people, to train and mentor them, creating opportunities for them to learn and grow, by fostering innovation.

Continue to work with multidisciplinary expert teams, to facilitate practical solutions to pressing challenges in semantic interoperability.

Continue to deliver difficult technology projects, developing scalable ways to manage terminology ecosystems, promoting semantic consistency to achieve true interoperability and high quality clinical data for analytics.

Continue to find innovative ways to visualize, standardize and quality assure terminology content, to support terminology experts while they work, and improve the quality of SNOMED CT.

As an independent member of the SNOMED community, I will focus on the challenges for SNOMED adoption, and what to do about them, on the role terminology plays in capturing clinical intent, and in supporting solid decision making based on solid data. I am now at your service, to help your teams make the most of SNOMED.